Learn How to Straight Razor Shave
In 3 Days With No Previous Experience

An Instantly Accessible Online Course Organized In Six Detailed Sections To Teach You Everything You Will Ever Need To Know About Straight Razor Shaving


Hi, I’m Antonio Centeno.

Father, husband, US Marine Veteran and founder of RealMenRealStyle.

I created this 3-days home-study course in partnership with Mantic59 over at the Sharpologist.

This is the most comprehensive course to teach you how to manually shave with a straight razor - just like your grandfather did.

We get into the details of how to shave the right way - from the basics about blade quality and maintenance to a professional guidance for an expert shave.

I’ve spent thousands of hours helping thousands of men improve their appearance over the years.

Men who want to achieve greatness and realize they need a polished appearance which radiates strength and confidence.

Men just like YOU.

I’m proud to say that we’ve been very successful at helping men around the globe look sharp.

Who Am I Working With To Make This Course Comprehensive And Easy To Follow:

Meet Mark - also known as Mantic59.

This gentleman has been teaching men how to manual shave since the beginning of YouTube.

Mark has begun shaving like most of us - using an electric razor - but then one day he discovered straight razor shaving and never looked back.

He has taught himself how to manual shave and has gone through all the mistakes before he perfected his technique. He is here to share all his knowledge and years of experience with you.

Now you can also become an expert in shaving with a manual razor and enjoy the best feel your face will ever get.

Here's What You Will Discover Inside This Course

Every shave has its drawbacks. Electric razors often don’t get close enough. Cartridges are expensive to replace, and generate lots of needless waste. Metal safety razors are susceptible to rust, and their performance can vary depending on both the blade and the razor holding it. And straight razors, famously, are tricky to use without cutting yourself.

So why give those dangerously sharp straight razors a try? Because done right — and yes, “done right” includes a decent amount of maintenance and care for your tools – they can give the closest shave of any razor, and give you the most control over the shaving experience.

In this section we take a quick look at the ultimate goal: putting a straight razor to your face and getting a good, clean shave. Once you know the basics there, the specifics of what makes a razor good (or bad) will make a lot more sense.

This section is a quick step-by-step guide that will take you through the essential elements of a straight razor shave: washing the face, lathering up with soap, razor movement and grip, shaving your face, shaving your neck and finally cleaning your blade.


A good shave is all about a good razor. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are if you haven’t got a good tool.

Whether you’re buying your first razor or your fiftieth, be smart about it. Learn the terminology; learn your options. A cheap razor is worse than no razor at all. (At least with no razor you can’t hurt yourself. With a cheap razor, you can, and you almost certainly will.)

Here you will discover the anatomy of the straight razor, difference between razor metals, importance of blade width and grind, and finally recommendations about buying a straight razor.

Most razors come “shave-ready,” needing only a quick rinse to get any factory and shipping dust off the blade before the first shave.

They won’t stay that way for long, however.

Razor blades are honed extremely thin, and thin metal quickly bends into divots and distortions that can slip and cut your face. The edge also rounds out as it dulls, making it less effective at cutting through hairs.

You will learn the two main tasks associated with keeping a razor sharp: stropping and honing.


The razor and its various care items — strop, drying cloth, storage container, etc. –take care of half the shaving process. Your face is the other half, and it needs a little tender loving care to get a good shave, too.

This section is essential to your understanding of the different types of shaving soaps and brushes, use of shaving mugs and scuttles. You will also learn how and when to use shaving lotions, aftershaves and other products that will improve your overall shave dramatically.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, most of a good straight razor shave happens before the blade ever touches skin.

If you’ve got a good soap, a good brush, a good mug, and a good razor that you’ve kept honed and stropped to a sharp, clean edge, the shave will basically take care of itself.

Step by step, this section will take you through the details of the professional shave. It will build upon your basic knowledge and understanding thus far to equip you with all the necessary information you need to become an expert.